HSC At Home: Life In Lockdown During The Biggest Year of High School

A majority of primary and secondary schools experienced a mass closure during what was considered NSW’s biggest COVID-19 lockdown since 2020. For almost four months all Year 12 students of Greater Sydney were forced to endure their final school year from home.

With the graduating cohort of 2021 being the first year to undertake a majority of their HSC courses from home, the nature of online learning and the inability to partake in customary Year 12 activities, took a significant toll on student’s well being.

Current Year 12 Student, Alexander Cane says that an overwhelming disappointment has ruined his high expectations for the final year. With all HSC exams being pushed forward two months ahead, now beginning on November 9, the finish line keeps getting further away.

“It’s almost impossible to keep motivated while learning online.” Alexander said

“It’s absolutely horrible knowing that i’ve had to miss out on all the exciting activities of Year 12, and with it being my last year, being away from my friends for months on end has been extremely damaging to our social lives.”

“It’s safe to say I’ve made zero happy memories during this lockdown, because my only Year 12 experience has been just one big miserable blur.”

The unprecedented nature of online learning has also proved challenging for student’s parents and especially, subject tutors. With students being home more than usual, those who require extra support have their access significantly hindered by the mandatory LGA travel restrictions, leaving some students entirely without.

Advanced and Extension 1 HSC Mathematics tutor Sindy Marshall says, parents who work full time are often unable to support their children with their education, or are simply not capable of doing so. As a result, the demand for HSC subject tutors has skyrocketed, causing a significant backlog.

“Most parents are unable to assist their children with the highly complex academic concepts they are expected to complete, concepts that on a normal day, are explained to them and practiced with a highly qualified teacher.” Sindy says.

“Because students are without the guidance of their teachers, the closest possible solution in supporting their children is hiring a tutor, however, there is just not enough of us to get around to the kids who need it most.”

With the HSC commencing in less than a week, students will have to remain patient and keep motivated to get through the toughest year they have ever experienced, and count down the days until the next chapter of their lives can finally begin.

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