Where I’m From

Deriving inspiration from the Lumière Brothers’ revolutionary ‘remoscope’ and George Ella Lyon’s audio-visual masterpiece ‘Where I’m From’, for my own piece, I desire to merge both creative mediums together to express the imagery of my youth as well as my adventures during adulthood. My thematic intention centralises around a single juxtaposition; that being where the natural meets the industrial. By weaving melancholic silhouettes of abandoned buildings, brutalist industrial machinery and colossal Australian flora, a stark visual contrast is established. My incorporation of the paddock showered by the bright setting sun encapsulates the tranquil scenery of my environment. Lastly, my fascination with mammoth sea vessels and the energy of large aquatic bodies wholly exists as a core symbolic representation of ‘Where’ I’m From’; thus its integration to the piece proved more than necessary.

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