Where I’m From

Deriving inspiration from the Lumière Brothers’ revolutionary ‘remoscope’ and George Ella Lyon’s audio-visual masterpiece ‘Where I’m From’, for my own piece, I desire to merge both creative mediums together to express the imagery of my youth as well as my adventures during adulthood. My thematic intention centralises around a single juxtaposition; that being where theContinue reading “Where I’m From”

Popular Culture: How Much Do I Consume?

Popular culture, as defined by Storey, is “…simply culture that is widely favoured or well liked by many people.” However, when asked to explain what popular culture I consume, I can’t necessarily say that I do, well… as much as others at least. People usually freak out when I tell them I’m not so crazyContinue reading “Popular Culture: How Much Do I Consume?”

Why I Write.

When asked why I write, there wouldn’t be a way in which to answer such a question with simplicity. I am knowledgeable of the fact that my youthfulness acts as an anchor to my experience as a writer but considering my interests lie heavily with this artform, this anchor becomes significantly lighter. Take my experienceContinue reading “Why I Write.”