Unexpected, Unexplained (2022)

As the director of Unexpected, Unexplained (2022), I was given the responsibility to provide my team a story with enough value worthy of telling though the production of a documentary. In deciding to centralise my idea on telling the unique recounts of ‘ghost stories’ or ‘paranormal encounters’, I aimed to ensure the documentary idea wasContinue reading “Unexpected, Unexplained (2022)”

Unexpected Unexplained – (Short)

Steven Cakarovski always said his scepticism toward the paranormal world would be a ‘difficult thing’ for him to change because of his ‘see it to believe it’ attitude. Recalling upon a memory which still to this today shocks him to the core, the inability to find a logical explanation for what he had witnessed thatContinue reading “Unexpected Unexplained – (Short)”